We got in contact with Alex as we're desperate to help our ex-polo Mare Blossom to be calm and relaxed when being worked. Sadly outside due to previous experiences and training Blossom finds many things being asked of her overwhelming as she doesn't understand what is being asked of her - in this situation people previously have increased pressure and force on her which has had a detrimental effect. Alex has taught me and my husband how to teach her to relax and set her up for success of what we are looking for. I cannot tell you the change in just 5 lessons and Blossom is now thriving off this approach. Highly recommend Alex as a teacher to develop our own way of being with a horses even when you don't think there is a problem...you might be pleasantly surprised as I am with my cob and the difference this approach has had.
Camilla - Marlow
I have been riding for many years and have had many lessons with good to great teachers. However, noone has made such a big difference to my riding in such a short time as Alex has. Alex focussed on making adjustments to my position which helped me to ride a rather strong forward going mare using my seat and core more effectively, allowing me to ride with soft hands. . I have pole sessions with a physio who treats the horse I ride. I had a pole session 3 days after my lesson with Alex and my physio immediately remarked on the improvement to my position. It has made it so much easier for me to empathetically school my horse. . I cannot wait for my lessons with Alex now as I am keen to keep improving!.
Fiona - Maidenhead
When I first contacted Alex about my stallion Brego's leading problem and he told me it was solvable I was a bit cynical. Several other trainers had made similar claims but often they were more interested in selling their favourite gadget that solving the problem
Today I managed to lead Brego from the field, then 1/4 mile down the drive to the yard, we stopped at my car for a apple, then he was tied up outside the barn to have his feet picked out, and finally led 1/4 mile back up the drive to his field where I took his head collar off all without any drama We have not completed out journey to solve this problem by any means, but Alex has worked wonders with Brego. A few weeks ago I would not have been able to do what I did today.
Chris - Waltham St Lawrence