We provide a number of different services for yards and horse owners, please read more about them below:

Feel free to contact us for more information or to arrange to speak to Alex.

Behavioural Help:

Combining cognitive behavioural therapy and training, Alex offers behavioural help consultations where he will assess the horse’s behaviour and the ‘problem’ (as described by owner) then help in the session and provide a training and behaviour modification programme to help the owner solve the behavioural issue over a period of time. A review session will be provided where Alex will assess the progress made and make changes to the programme and help given accordingly.


Alex is a Positive Natural Horse Trainer, meaning he all his training revolves around positive reinforcement and non-aversive techniques. It is different from the standard “Natural horsemanship” you see today. Alex uses his ‘connection method’ for training which involves creating a solid foundation with the horse to develop from, then starting the real work. As well as general training and development of horses, Alex also does liberty training and uses his training methods in parallel to his behaviour work to help solve problems such as loading issues or spooking.

Starting Under Saddle:

As a natural horse trainer, Alex loves to work with and develop young horses from the original groundwork to starting under saddle/backing to advanced work later such as liberty training. He uses only non-aversive, positive reinforcement training when working with horses and integrates his behaviour work into the training as well to create an individual programme for each horse.

Bitless Consultations:

Alex specialises in bitless and barefoot work and training. Alex’s own horse was rescued and brought back to full health, bitless and barefoot as it is the most natural way possible of riding and working with horses. If you are looking to transition to bitless riding or you would like the option of riding bitless when not competing then feel free to get in contact. Alex can help you find the right bitless bridle to suit both your own and your horse’s needs. He will start by assessing your needs and expectations for riding bitless then choose a selection of bitless bridle to try out. Once your horse can be longlined in the bitless bridle and can be ridden in it too, he will also help you find the right supplier for the bitless bridle.


Alex is available to teach a variety of different clinics and workshops whether it be in general groundwork for horses, horsemanship skills, natural LIMA training, liberty training or behavioural workshops, Alex holds a clinic or workshop at your own yard or facility with an agreed group. You don’t have to be experienced or a horse owner to take part in a clinic, you can take part if you are interested in horses or work at a yard too.

Trailer Loading:

Horses develop a fear of trailer loading for many reasons, the main one being that it is a small confined space. Alex can come to your yard and teach your horse to load calmly using gentle methods focusing on the horse psychology. Your horse will understand that loading can be an enjoyable experience rather an aversive experience, ultimately making trailer loading much easier.

Youngster Handling:

Youngster handling (as well as starting under saddle) is vital to young domesticated horses as it teaches them to be happy to be handled by people. Alex uses gentle techniques focusing on equine behaviour and psychology so that he can train young horses to be happy with being handled by people. This will include grooming, lunging, leading, standing for vet or farrier and also trailer loading.

Equine Reiki Healing:

Reiki is an ancient healing modality that helps balance the body and aids the natural self-healing process. Reiki allows Alex to work with horses on a deeper level which complements and enhances the training and behaviour work. Alex offers Reiki during a training session or on its own.