As a qualified animal behaviourist, trainer & saddle fitter, Alex provides a comprehensive service to unwanted behaviour modification and resolution.

*Please note: All Services are subject to a travel charge. Please get in touch to discuss pricing. Mileage is charged at 0.45p per mile. 

Please be aware of our cancellation policy when booking sessions.

Full Behavioural Assessment Consultation (£145):

  • Vet Consent/Referral
  • Up to 2 hours for consultation
  • Full Behavioural assessment
  • Advice & behaviour modification/training plan that can be followed immediately after consultation
  • Ongoing phone/email support
  • Full written report (£15)

This full behavioural assessment consultation is an all-in-one service to resolving unwanted behaviours. Whether it be loading, aggression, stable ‘vices’ (cribbing, box walking, cribbing, etc.) or even behaviours like spooking, bolting, catching issues, etc. During the consultation Alex will carry out a full behavioural assessment on the horse and you will be provided with actionable steps that can be implemented immediately after the consultation to get start on resolving the problem behaviour. The whole consultation could take up to 3 hours depending on the individual horse.

You will also be provided with a behaviour modification plan (BMP)/training plan and ongoing phone/email support. Some issues may require ongoing training, in which case these sessions are offered as below.

Training Sessions (£60):

 – Positive Reinforcement Training Sessions

 – Standalone sessions for non-behavioural work (e.g. training pick up feet, backing/starting horse under saddle)

 – Pricing per session (most sessions are around an hour long)

If your horse does not require a full behavioural consultation but you would like help with training, Alex can provide training sessions for you and your horse. Alex’s training sessions include practical training with you and your horse so that whilst your horse is learning, you can also learn the techniques being used to carry them forward into other areas of life with your horse.

These sessions are great for training behaviours such as feet lifting/picking out, long-reining, ridden work, hacking out, agility, free-schooling, etc.

Saddle Fitting Consultation (£60):

Alex is an IASF Level 4 Advanced Saddle Fitter. He can assess the fit of your current saddle and make necessary adjustments and also measure and assess fit for a new saddle. Alex deals with all saddle brands and remains independent and unbiased. 

Saddle Fitting Extras:

 – Flocking top-up: £25

 – Saddle Complete Re-Flocking: £180

 – Machine Width Adjustment: £40

 – Gullet Bar Changes and Adjustment: Bar £25 plus £5 to change

Other services:

Alex also offers a number of other services include demonstrations, clinics, workshops, guest-lecturing at colleges and universities, etc.

Please feel free to get in touch with Alex if would like to discuss an issue you are having, discuss training, book a session, discuss services or for anything else. You can use the form on the ‘Contact Me‘ page or you can email him at or give him a call on 07955793665.