Alex is a qualified equine behaviour consultant and trainer.

Alex’s approach to training is a natural, holistic, partnership-based set of techniques and exercises that help owners and horses to have a more connected co-existence without the use of pressure or force. The techniques used are focused on positive reinforcement training which allows the horse to decide to be a part of the training because they want to. Not because they are forced to.

His approach to training and horsemanship in general mixes equine behaviour and psychology as well as complementary therapies and is based on the motto of allowing horses to succeed. Alex doesn’t use ‘Natural Horsemanship’ or ‘Traditional Horsemanship’, he uses methods that allow horses to find enjoyment in all they do with us, without the use of force. He believes in giving horses a choice in taking part in the training or not, which is ultimately why a lot of what he does is done at liberty because it allows the horse to make the choice between us and leaving, horses will always choose to stay if given the right reasons too.

Alex uses the ‘LIMA’ Approach with all he does with horses. LIMA stands for “Least-Intrusive, Minimally-Aversive” and it means that in all we do with horses, we aim to ensure that we are using the least-intrusive methods and the minimally-aversive methods. The IAABC.org have a position statement on what LIMA is here. It essentially means that Alex employs a strict standard of ethics in his training and behaviour consultations, favouring Positive Reinforcement training whenever and wherever possible.

Alex is continually doing courses, research and evolving the ways in which he works with horses.

  • Qualified Equine Behaviour Consultant and Trainer
  • PPGBI Registered Equine Trainer and Consultant
  • Approved Orbitless Bridle Trainer
  • Reiki Practitioner

To find out more about what Alex does and the way he works with horses, feel free to visit the ‘Contact Me‘ page and get in touch.

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