Equine Behaviour Consultations
Alex is a qualified Equine Behaviour Consultant and Trainer and can offer consultations under vet referral to resolve behavioural issues.
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Equine Behaviour & Training in Berkshire

Alex is a qualified equine behaviour consultant and positive horse trainer in Berkshire.

His approach to behaviour modification, training and horsemanship in general mixes equine behaviour science and psychology as well as complementary therapies.

Alex can help with anything from handling issues to starting under saddle as well as advanced training such as Liberty work. Horse problems/issues can be the result of many different things and he can work with you to find out the root cause of the issue, instead of just treating the symptoms.

Many trainers work on fixing the symptoms such as spooking or refusing to load, without really getting to the root cause of the issue and fixing the reason for the behaviour in the first place. As a qualified behaviour consultant, Alex will take a full history of the horse and work with you to find out the root cause of the issue. You will then proceed with a plan to resolve the issue moving forward.

Alex is a positive horse trainer and his methods are based on the motto of setting the horse up for success. He works using the LIMA approach (least-intrusive, minimally-aversive) to ensure that at every step of the way, he is working with the horse in the most positive and ethical way possible.

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